Medicinal Update


Here it is. It has been a slow process since I have a hard time reading a book in my hands vs. listening to books.  However as I’ve been on this self healing journey, I am getting further in my book “The Root Cause” and learning a little more about the Dr.’s research and even self experimentation.  According to “The Plan” which I read last year those who have low thyroid function need iodine.  So as per the advise of Lyn Genet, I started taking Kelp.  However I found out recently that this is a hypothesis that is widely spread by some in the nutrition community and it is not backed by testing and scientific facts.  Therefore as I am willing to try things, but never convinced until I see facts and results that prove the test to have a result that is consistent and sustainable.  I am skeptical of many nutritionists who learn a few things about some test that showed results in some people and then try to say that is the truth for all.  I am just as skeptical of doctors who live by the bible of their medical training and the practices handed down by generations before them, which sometimes prove to be founded in truth, but other times result in false assumptions and flawed medicine.  Therefore, I am removing the Kelp from my regimen to test the results without, and to actually test my iodine levels with a urinary iodine test before continuing with any method to reduce or increase iodine in my system.

That being said, I am increasing Selenium for the time being which counteracts the over consumption of iodine in food and other sources.  An abundance of iodine without a correlating amount of selenium will actually make matters worse for the thyroid.   also found to contribute to digestion issues that are found Crohn’s, celiac, and IBD, according to Dr. Isabella Wentz (Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and Treating the Root Cause, 2015) The Hashimotos:celiac or even mild gluten-intolerance dance is so common among us who suffer that it is finally becoming noticed among those in the community of people discussing and sharing stories about Hashimotos online.  Low levels of selenium is part of the equation and I would even say it is one more tentacle of the monster that becomes this cycle of symptoms vs. cause.  The major benefits of selenium are that it facilitates the conversion of T4 into T3 which is one of the problems with the thyroid in Hashimotos; and it protects the thyroid from the oxidative damage from dangerous levels of hydrogen peroxide that occurs from excessive iodine. As well Selenium, reduces anti-thyroid antibodies and so I am testing the effect on my body and will be visiting with the doctor this week to get new lab work done.

The thing is, the more I understand it, iodine, what Dr. Wentz refers to as a “goldilocks supplement” meaning that there is so much conflicting data on the occurrence of iodine in thyroid disease because if it is too high it causes severe problems, and if it is too low it causes other extreme symptoms.  So until I have that test done, I will be staying away from supplementing with iodine.

I’ve replaced the daytime adrenal supplement with a nighttime supplement, as I still have symptoms of adrenal imbalance.  I’ve also re-added milk thistle (for liver health), and switched to a new digestive enzyme.

As well I’ve decided to add magnesium to help me with anxiety, fatigue, energy, and helping to reduce kidney stones, and increase DHEA.

I will be updating again after my labs are back, as I am looking into alternative thyroid therapy that Dr. Wentz discusses rather than the Synthroid I was taking before.  I found that some of my thyroid symptoms did return after the Synthroid was out of my system.  But the benefit was so minimal that I wish to try an alternative medication to bring my thyroid levels to normal.

I am following her book very closely and taking the steps to test and treat and I am now officially on an auto immune paleo diet as well to further reduce inflammation.