Reflecting, Living and Living

Today is the first day where I am on break from school, while my kids are back in school.  This is the first day, I am able to dedicate my whole day to all of the things I usually struggle to find time to do.  Spending time reading, studying the word, cleaning organizing and finishing up an amazing docu-series I will talk about later.   I am reflecting on posts I have written on this healing journey.  I have gone through so many learning experiences and trial and error over the last few years.  I want to clarify some of the earlier claims and statements about nutrition and lifestyle. A few things I wanted to rehash and mention:

When I began this blog, my goal was and still is, healing and beautifying me from the inside out.  I took a few approaches over the last few years in directions that did not pan out to be productive or truly healthy.  I also have learned since then that the symptoms I had and continued to pop up, were eventually found to be all part of the same problem, which I had suspected early on when they started to pile on.  I have an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.  Many people who I have now learned have autoimmune disease go a long time without knowing that it is just that, and that they are not crazy or a hypochondriac.  I searched for a long time, and finally I can say with confidence that I am finally seeing positive change in my symptoms as well as my overall feeling of wellbeing.  I am still in the early stages of my journey to finding my root causes and self-healing, and it has been a hard physical and emotional road to my goal of remission.  I have just finished an amazing docu-series from the amazing Isabella Wentz, called The Thyroid Secret.  It was a long and informational learning experience that I plan to go through again, while on this road.  I highly recommend this series to anyone, especially Hashimoto’s sufferers, who have autoimmune disease or suspect that they may.  It has helped me to not only learn but also have even more confidences that I can do this but I can also find help.

I want to bring up a few of the things that I see that I have talked about or promoted.  I no longer believe that even following the SouthBeach is healthy for everyone,  because if they have autoimmune or sensitivity to food and are not aware this diet will not be helpful in finding the root cause to the symptoms.  Also I do not believe that using many of the products that I used to use for skin care are healthy because of the many endocrine disrupting chemicals included in those products.  I believe that after learning enough about the chemicals in those products through the Skin Deep section of the EWG website that I would not want to use or promote products that have some very dangerous ingredients that can harm us.  Also I do not believe that many of the conventional medicines that are prescribed or even offered over the counter are good for our bodies.  Depleting us of vital nutrients and disrupting our bodies’ homeostasis.  This includes medications that are synthetic and often have many other ingrediants and fillers that interfere with our body goals when we are trying to get rid of digestive problems.

It has not happened overnight, but I can now look back on the past three years of blogging and seen that there have been major changes.

  1. After a long struggle with finding the right diet that worked to help me get healthy I have switched to an Auto Immune protocol, which is generally a paleo diet with a few fewer options that are inflammatory or triggers for auto immune flare up.  I hope to eventually add in and test foods once I’ve got my body to an anti inflammatory state without all the noise of symptoms to see whether I can in fact introduce some of the paleo foods that I have on hold for now.  I’ve also reduced my families’ intake of sugar and processed foods, as well as gluten.
  2. I have removed most and working on removing all of the toxic chemicals from my household cleaning products, skin care products over the last year.
  3. We are taking steps to remove most of the dishes that we had that were plastic and began filtering our water with a Berkey water filtration system to remove chemicals such as fluoride, chlorine, and heavy metals from our tap water.
  4. I know now that I cannot rely on typical healthy person regimens for sleep and exercise, because my body does not respond happy or healthfully to either of the “normal” prescription of diet and exercise or calories in calories out module.
  5. I want to learn more and I want to help spread the good info I get to those who are searching for answers.

Thank you for reading my story, I hope I can shine a light on information that will help you in yours.

Ciao for now