history and body goals

My reasons for trying new things and changing my health and beauty routines are motivated by a few things that I want to mention so that the results to my actions can be clarified.

I spent most of my early childhood acquiring bad eating habits and virtually no understanding of dietary nutrition and how to take care of my body in a healthy way.

As a teen I began to learn and become very interested a great deal in fitness and becoming extremely active in sports.  This coupled with my healthy metabolism provided a very healthy figure.

My skin was beautiful and hardly ever broken out.  I was blessed to say the least.

I had my daughter just before my 22 birthday.  It was an easy pregnancy, and I gained very little weight.  While breastfeeding I lost even more than I gained, which made me feel great.  Though I am short I was never very skinny, but I was very petite and had a very curvy yet thin figure.  Over the next five years I went to school full time gaining my bachelors degree, however I did not pay much attention to my diet other than the fact that I included a lot of fruit and veggies in my day to day.  Over the years while in school I gained about 5 pounds each year.

Then in 2009 I had a miscarriage while on birthday control.  It was a turning point in my opinions concerning birth control and it was a long and painful process. {There will be a more intimate and detailed description of this story in another page.}  Following this miscarriage I gained weight and had severe hormonal acne appear on my face.

About one year later, after going to the doctor, dermatologist, and regular facials by estheticians I still had no luck in clearing my acne and while I was working out 6 days a week not luck in changing my weight.  This is also when I read the South Beach Diet for the first time.  I have never really been a fan of diets, and I didn’t want to eat bland boring food.  However since hearing many good things about it, I decided to give it a go and so I started Phase 1.  I learned some great things concerning the way I was eating, and because I am predisposed to diabetes and heart vulnerabilities it was a preventative measure as well as a means to jump start a new way of eating and learning about how food fuels my body and effects my weight.  I really was amazed to see the pounds shed from my body.  I went from 165lbs at my heaviest to leveling out at 135lbs.  I felt and looked great!

Now after about 4 months I found out that I was pregnant again unexpectedly.  In fact about a week earlier my husband and I were discussing a vasectomy and our contentment with one child.  Figures how we plan and God laughs…Now this time, I was horribly sick my entire pregnancy, and one of those cases where I had every negative symptom in the book;) After delivering a healthy 6lb boy and loosing all of my pregnancy weight once again in a matter of months, I was back to my goal figure and feeling great, with the exception of my acne.  The only thing was, I was still breastfeeding, and I continued for much longer with my son than I did with my daughter.  I thought that my weight had stabilized but much to my dismay, when I began weaning him, I started to gain weight a little at a time.

It has been two years and I’ve gained 10lbs since then, and I’m not sure if this is a healthy size for me, but I understand that I am 32 and have had two children so I do not expect to be my high school size; but the weight is another issue.  I’m currently 144lbs, and given some added weight due to my recent surgery, I’m ok with, I wish I were back to my 135lb pre baby weight.  My goal in diet and exercise is 5 fold:

  1. I want to loose a few sizes in my jeans,
  2. I want to have beautiful acne free skin,
  3. I want to look smoke’n hot for my husband every time he comes home,
  4. I want to prevent diabetes and other health problems,
  5. I want to play with and be a healthy example for my children.

Though my routine has changed due to having a toddler in the house, my efforts to exercise are still there, just not as regular and intense.  My diet has changed drastically though, removing almost all imitation or processed foods.  We also have decided to keep a kosher diet.

What is your input?

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