Medicine cabinet


Almost completely pharmaceutical free (except allergy medicine)

So I’ve been reducing and removing traditional prescription drugs to do continue the goal for complete cleansing of my body of toxic and depleting substances.  I’ve found wonderful substitutes for many of the medicines and I am pleased to also say that though there have been a few recurrences of some of my hashimotos symptoms I been successful in reducing and removing almost all of them.  So here are the herbal, natural, and vitamin medicines I am taking to serve the purpose of self healing and treating while I find the root causes of my hashimotos symptoms.

I am also happy to say I have officially hit the lost 20lbs mark in my fitness pal, and though it has taken about 6 months I am very happy that I finally am seeing loss that is sustained and not yo-yo’ing.  I have begun fasting more regularly, and with the reduction of carbs, and removal of gluten again I am pleased that I have seen no flair ups of my digestion issues or bloating.  I am happy with the success I have achieved with finding self healing and weight loss, and I am continuing on the road to my goal of full remission.  I am taking it slower now and trying not to get too discouraged as I know it is a long road for many who have hashimotos and it is difficult.  If anyone else is suffering along with me, follow and check out Isabella Wentz’s book the Root cause.

One more thing, I still take the tincture that I was given and will finish it off, but I will not be getting more.  As well I still take the digestive enzymes and the probiotics.


Bio Hacking part 3

I recently come to the conclusion that I should test a few foods that I had not tested before. I unthoughfully stopped eating wheat products and replaced them with gluten free options a couple of months ago.  As of a couple of weeks ago I was going over my resources and wondering why I was not having a great deal of success in loosing weight if I was removing a food that was a common trigger for hashimotos patients.  I was having better results with my gut and symptoms of lower gut bloating and idegestion. So I got all of my resources together and started to dig. I realized that I had increased my carbohydrates dramatically when I started eating gluten free because I felt safe eating the gluten free baked goods. I didn’t realize I was actually eating more gf-breads and such than I had been before going gluten free. I thought because I went gluten free that the indegestion and bloating was getting better. However I realized when I looked at the other factors that I had increased digestive enzyme simultaneously. So needless to say I had a period where I actually stopped all of my thoughts and focused solely on lowing sugar even if I was still having an occasional wheat product.  Since then I have done some fasting to reset my metabolism and restart my efforts to focus on more portion control and reducing sugar to try and regulate my insulin levels.  I am not depriving myself of anything just refocusing, exercising and hydrating more.  Finally I started to see results again and the more I told myself, I am allowed to have anything just not all day everyday. I also re-read a great motivational book “reshaping it all” by Candace Cameron Bure, and finally read the “Skinnygirl rules for getting and staying naturally thin” by Bethany Frankel.  The great thing about both of these books they are both teaching natural health through eating right rather than dieting. The hashimotos makes my situation unique because of the symptoms that come along with it, they cause me to have a difficult time doing normal things and so it has been a battle of taking herbs and spices and finding what works, what makes a difference for me!  Hashimotos also makes nutrition an issue, because there are some common triggers as I mentioned earlier like gluten.  My focus has been to start by exercising more regularly each morning, before the kids get up for school, and eliminating breads until I have reset my sugar levels.  Then my plan will be to introduce only gluten free items for a week once per day, to test. Followed by a similar test with wheat products to test. If I see the digestive issues return I will then know that the wheat does react in my gut. The key will be to limit the breads so that I do not mess in my sugar levels again.  I am happy to say I have lost 15 pounds and kept it off for at least a month. I am going slow and steady to get into a routine and be consistent with my sustainability of my nutritional intake.  I have also quit synthroid and began taking a high content cinnamon and a turmeric supplement to impact inflammation. This was a recommendation from a friend who also has hashimotos and has seen massive results in reducing inflammation through her limitation of sugar and taking these two anti inflammatory supplements. I will update my medicine list in my next post. One other thing, I forgot to mention that my allergy test did show a very mild reaction to all of the main ingredients to gf baked goods, so I will proceed with that in mind, as the allergist explained it simply means that I should not live on those ingredients, because then I will trigger more reaction. It’s better to build up tolerance with small consistent doses.

Hacking & Healing Hashimotos part 1

So, its been a while and this summer has been filled with a lot so I have a lot to sum up.  As of my last post I found out some more info about my health diagnosis.  I have an auto immune disorder called Hashimotos.  Now you may or may not be familiar with this autoimmune disease, so I will give you a little basic explanation.  Hashimotos is a condition where the thyroid is attacked by the body’s immune system and essentially devoured.

There are many symptoms that are commonly activated and systems of the body aggravated with autoimmune  patients.  Because we know that the hip bone is connected to the leg bone, all systems are connected.  This is the first thing I concluded when I started seeing all of the symptoms that seemed to show up one after the next.  It seemed only obvious that they were connected.   This is not to say that you cannot have two separate issues at the same time that are not having anything to do with each other.  However I knew the symptoms that I was having were related somehow.  I have always been one who is very in-tune with my body and mind to the point that I have been told I am very self aware.  I love to research and I always want to find an answer so I started looking and documenting after a while.  Over time my pieces started to form a picture.

I also started to suspect once I found enough information that seemed to point in the direction of the thyroid and then with the list of symptoms I had been experiencing the answers narrowed to the autoimmune disorder Hashimotos.  It became a chicken or the egg? dilemma…  which caused which, and does treating one cure the other.  So many people who expressed common symptoms had hashimotos, and yet doctors I went to see would tell me “they (the symptoms) have nothing to do with one-another.”  I was determined to find real help.  None of the doctors I went to were really trying to find the root cause of my problem.  I kept asking and going to more doctors because I knew I was not crazy, or having some delusion that I had symptoms and they were piling up.

I started asking the doctors what the root cause was for my hormone imbalance, my vasculitis, my fatigue, my weight gain, my hair loss, and on and on… With doc after doc telling me it was one thing and then another telling me different or not able to tell me a real answer at all.  So finally I asked my doc if I could have him do another blood test as I found out more about how the levels of hormones relate to particular illnesses and I was suspicious that my hormones were off again.  After getting the results back and asking straight out “is this hashimotos?” He was unable to answer confidently so he said “I want to send you to a more specialized doctor” and after waiting for over a month to finally get in to see the doctor I was utterly disappointed.  The only good thing that came out of it was that he told me I had insulin resistance based on the fluctuation of my sugar and insulin levels during a test I had taken a few months prior.  Funny thing was because the settling rate at the end of the test was within “normal” range I was told I did not have insulin resistance, but then this “specialist” looked at it and said “oh yes you have insulin resistance, because the levels were so far out of normal range during the test, and settled at normal after the whole process and the sugar had metabolized”.  The disappointing part was he was supposed to be the specialist that could help me with my thyroid issue, however though he said I had Hashimotos he had no real help for me to treat it.  He actually said that because my thyroid levels were low but still within range of normal, that I did not need any other change in treatment and that the thyroid replacement I was receiving was the treatment.  Mind you I had no real relief or change in my symptoms while on the thyroid replacement.  So it was a little disappointment and a small amount of relief knowing that I was one step closer to finding real answers now that I had a couple of diagnosis.  So feeling again like I had a doctor telling me there was nothing to do or telling me to change my diet and exercise which I was already doing.

I then, after much sifting through medical websites, blogs, and  articles; I found some information that seemed legit and a doctor named Isabella Wentz Pharm D. who actually has Hashimotos herself, was finding real solutions and cures to the issues that surrounded Hashimotos.  I think she found a true path to finding the root cause of the symptoms accompanying the autoimmune disease.  She described her personal experiences and struggles with hashimotos and the symptoms surrounding it in a book.  “Hashimotos’s Thyroiditis Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and Treating the Root Cause” She also talks about her journey, what she refers to as hacking your own health, to find the roots of each symptom and methods to treat and heal the symptoms.  As well as even reversing the disintegration of the thyroid itself which she refers to as remission.  I am currently reading it, and implementing the beginning steps to my life.  I will follow with a series of posts that describe the steps and results in this process.


Some of the resources I’ve come across that are helpful after sifting:

Bulletproof Pod cast and website

Hypothyroidmom Blog

Isabella Wentz Pharm D

Where is Dr House when I need him. 

Ive documented some of the health struggles I’ve experienced over the past and most recently over the year and a half of living here. Last I found that I was having under-active thyroid and hormone imbalance specifically low testosterone. This last follow up my doc checked my thyroid levels and also my hormone levels.  Though I was actually put on a very low dose of thyroid medication, my thyroid levels went down even more.  This is quite unsettling, as its only been about two month that I was on the low dose. So I can only imagine what it would have been like if I had not been on any hormones. Here’s a list of my symptoms:

Hormone imbalance (low testosterone)


Non existent libido

Unexplained weight gain

Skin problems

Vasculitous (on my shins)


Emotional instability

So he’s increased the hormones to triple the dose and also is thinking of doing an ultra sound on my thyroid to see if that can tell us anymore. Unfortunately the waiting is the hardest because everyday I cannot function normally is one more reason I become depressed and plagued with a feeling of failure. I am just praying that he is able to find an answer to some root cause that I can at least learn about and we can attempt to fix. Update in about a month. 

Obagi Clenziderm review


Hormonal Acne, unfortunately is an issue I’ve been dealing with for years now, and it is all due in my opinion to using birth control.

After much research and learning from various sources in the medical field that my acne was hormonal, I tried so many things.  I’ve used topical products with medicine, ingestible products that are supposed to regulate from the inside such as medicines and herbal supplements, and various methods of cleansing and dieting to try and rid my skin of this problem.

I’ve found that using the Obagi Clenziderm might have started to help clear up large break outs and pimples but definitely did NOT clear the white heads and sub dermal hormonal acne.  So after finding out more about how benzoyl peroxide works I’ve decided its probably not the best medication to use on my skin.  It is quite popular in many skin care products and even recommended by some dermatologists but the problem is, you must continually use it.  Even then it may not completely clear your skin.

In my case where the hormones inside are the main culprit which starts and perpetuates the problem. Even when I kill the bacteria in the skin or have a medical grade facial extraction and treatment it will come back because of the underlying hormonal problem.  I’ve also found that I have quite a few other symptoms that are common at the same time.  So I am continually doing research to help understand what the root problem is and what has been causing all of my ailments.  So after learning more about benzoyl peroxide I decided to do an experiment.  As expected and like I read in some of the research if you stop using the medication after you face is clearing it seems that the problem is amplified.  My outbreaks were worse than before I started using the product.  So I quite using it all together.

I have been only using my Clarisonic cleanser to polish and then a mild cleanser like Origins Mega Mushroom to remove dirt and skin that was loosened up by polishing.  This has taken a couple weeks but my skin seems to be balancing again.  I still have a pretty bad case of hormonal acne, but the severe outbreak seems to be clearing a bit.  So now I’m working on reading a book by Lyn-Genet Recitas to learn about foods that are inflammatory and causing the imbalances and ailments I’ve continually been plagued with such as fatigue, hormonal imbalance, weight gain or stagnation, and skin problems.  So far I’m loving it and looking forward to testing the foods that I eat to see if any of them are culprits so that I can find out more about and change my overall health.

Hope this review is helpful.

Ciao Starshine on the inside and out.

Balancing my Body begins

So I’m almost one week post Hormone pellet implant.

Last week the specialist and I spoke about my imbalance and after my own research concerning treatments, we agreed that the pellet therapy was my preferred treatment option at this time.  I have looked into the natural (not medical) ways of increasing my testosterone and progesterone, and so in addition to doing as much of these that I can, I am also receiving a slow release dose of hormones via pellet that was inserted into my hip.  I am confident that it will be helpful based on everything I have learned about the therapy as well as the doctor’s knowledge of the proper way to use this therapy.  It does take a while to see some effect, so it will be a few weeks most likely before I truly feel a great difference.  I am continuing my physical training as much as I am able to, as this is a very good way to help the testosterone along and prevent my body from loosing strength.  I have been given a specified dose of the Estrogen, Testosterone, via pellet and Progesterone via oral supplement to help elevate the levels that are down, as well as treat the symptoms that I have had:

Loss of memory

Weight gain and stagnant weight

Overall feeling of lethargy


Depression and uncontrolled emotion

Almost non-existent libido

Just to name a few of the most prevalent symptoms I’ve experienced with the hormone imbalance.  Thankfully I know enough medical basics from college that I am able to reference and research to understand conditions and piece together symptoms and causes.  It helps to understand what is happening in my body, in addition to treating it.  So far, since the implant, I have been trying to take it easy.  My implant site is very bruised and sore, but it is healing quite quickly, and I’m very hopeful that the treatment will not have to be longer than 6 months to a year.

After doing more reading regarding causes and connections, my belief in birth control and how it is the main culprit to my problem has been even more confirmed.  One example of resources was found in The Journal of Sexual health and it has some very informative info regarding the connection between women who were on birth control for a prolonged period and hormone imbalances later after ending use.  It only further supports my belief that God did not intend for medicine to be used in this way, and unnaturally planning procreation is unhealthy for us.  Especially because birth control is not  guaranteed and pregnancy can and has occurred unbeknown to the mother, which can then lead to unplanned pregnancy, abortion, and  miscarriage.  I pray the we the women of todays educated and increasingly equal rights era can be proactive in learning about how the system and those who are in charge of it, can very detrimentally hurt us, and cause un bias infanticide of innocent souls.  I also pray that we are empowered to be free from the control of and dependency on a system not often motivated by our best interest.

If only I did not have the clean up the mess that my selfishness and ignorance caused.  Thankfully I do believe that medicine is good, and God gave us the ability to treat, heal and nourish our bodies with medical knowledge as well as natural methods in our lifestyles.  What a gift that we should have the capability and free will God gave to learn and discover and advance medical treatments and to help us.  I am thankful we are not just at the mercy of a system of mad scientists, but rather with understanding and education we can know who our doctors are and that many of them are actually used with grace by our great physician.

The Face of my Beautiful Temple update

Update (1/30)

{Changed a few products

Day moisturizer to Lancôme Bienfait Multivital SPF 30.  Night time alternating of:  Origins High Potency Nite-a-mins, Origins Plantscription Powerful lifting cream & Lancôme Bienfait Multivital Night Cream.  }

My skin regimen has evolved over time, and to what I am finding is the current best for care as well as loving my skin a little.  Every fabulous female knows that a little pampering always makes you feel prettier.  So why not do it as much as possible?

As of the Beautiful Temple II page there have been a few changes to my regimen as time as tested and my skin has told me what is working.

  • Splashing my face with COLD water to both tighten pores and wake up tired skin
  • Origins Dr Weil Mega Mushroom cleanser occasionally
  • Burts Bees Intense Hydration Cleanser
  • Origins Dr. Weil Mega Mushroom serum mornings when ever dry or looks red
  • Estēe Lauder Idealist skin tone corrector and illuminator serum occasionally
  • Estēe Lauder Advanced Night repair serum
  • Estēe Lauder Advanced Night repair eye serum
  • Origins Planscription eye cream
  • Estēe Lauder Day ware antioxidant moisturizer with SPF
  • Origins Plantscription ultra lifting cream
  • Origins Night-a-mins Night cream
  • Origins Modern Friction microdermabrasion for smoothing & exfoliation occasionally
  • Origins clear improvements active charcoal mask occasionally for clogged pores
  • Drinking Perrier mineral water at room temp once or more per day usually in the AM

So Recently I moved, and with the new environment taking a toll on my skin and allergies, I ended up with severe allergy symptoms that turned into a sinus infection.  Thankfully I went to the doc and he gave me an allergy shot and an antibiotic to get rid of the infection.  I normally avoid antibiotics, as a first choice remedy, but this situation called for it after exhausting all other options.  Again I’m glad I did, because the antibiotic did get rid of my sinus infection.

I’m suspicious that the antibiotic also had a positive effect on the deep infected pore that were the sub-dermis cause of the continual acne.  So I’m seeing a great deal of clearing up now, after I’ve deducted that this was the only thing that changed over the last month in my day-to-day.  So after continual monitoring of my skin and keeping up with the cleansing regimen and diet I will report on how my skin is doing.