Healing success!

I cannot believe how things have changed in the last month.  I have been spending some time in prayer for wisdom, healing, and knowledge to find the answers to heal my body.  My prayers are being answered with clarity and I am finding the answers and seeing results.

I’ve literally lost another 10lbs.  That’s a total of 30lbs!

fullsizeoutput_2892Since my last docs appointment I have switched to a bovine raw thyroid supplement, I’ve begun taking thiamine(B1) for fatigue, and B12.  In addition to continuing my nutrition on the AIP side of Paleo.  I have tested a few foods after being on the AIP over a month now, from occasional (meaning once or twice in a week) basmati or sushi rice, and a few minimal exposures to parmesan in pesto.  Neither have given me any noticeable negative side effects.  Also I’ve begun limiting my exposure to blue light after sundown and reduced the physical stressors on my body. I have also been taking a better CBD oil by Fairwinds suppliment for inflammation and pain, and over all neuro-protection.  Last but most informational, I watched this amazing docuseries by Dr. Isabella Wentz, PharmD, FASCP and Hashimotos survivor as well.  Seriously if you suffer from auto-immunity you have to watch this. The Thyroid Secret

My inflammation is drastically decreased and my brain fog is almost virtually gone.  My joint pain has improved, but I am still working on a few things to help improve that even more.  I just had my blood drawn again for my hormone levels and my thyroid function which I will report in my next post.

Success is a 100 little wins!


Medicine cabinet


Almost completely pharmaceutical free (except allergy medicine)

So I’ve been reducing and removing traditional prescription drugs to do continue the goal for complete cleansing of my body of toxic and depleting substances.  I’ve found wonderful substitutes for many of the medicines and I am pleased to also say that though there have been a few recurrences of some of my hashimotos symptoms I been successful in reducing and removing almost all of them.  So here are the herbal, natural, and vitamin medicines I am taking to serve the purpose of self healing and treating while I find the root causes of my hashimotos symptoms.

I am also happy to say I have officially hit the lost 20lbs mark in my fitness pal, and though it has taken about 6 months I am very happy that I finally am seeing loss that is sustained and not yo-yo’ing.  I have begun fasting more regularly, and with the reduction of carbs, and removal of gluten again I am pleased that I have seen no flair ups of my digestion issues or bloating.  I am happy with the success I have achieved with finding self healing and weight loss, and I am continuing on the road to my goal of full remission.  I am taking it slower now and trying not to get too discouraged as I know it is a long road for many who have hashimotos and it is difficult.  If anyone else is suffering along with me, follow hypothyroidmom.com and check out Isabella Wentz’s book the Root cause.

One more thing, I still take the tincture that I was given and will finish it off, but I will not be getting more.  As well I still take the digestive enzymes and the probiotics.


Finding an over the shoulder Boulder holder when they are fake.

I must admit this has been quite a challenge for me for the last two years. Finding a bra that fits my breasts because of the ratio of cup size to band size and shape of the underwire or cup. If you have ever had a BA and opted for large silicone ones you may have had the same issue. I would love to know if there are many out there with my problem. I find that the cup is never the right size because the shape of silicone implants are not like breasts they are round. More like a slightly settled ball of dough that is sitting on my chest. I love them, I wanted them to look fake and round, but it’s extremely difficult to find a bra. I fluctuate between a 34-36 band. And my cup is generally a DDD or E in uk size. So my problem come when finding an unformed cup first of all; that does not cut horizontally through the middle of my breast on top causing a double boob. It seems almost impossible to find a cup that is not also shaped. Again due to the shape of the implant it is not shaped like a more natural breast which tend to be more like a bullet or even a rounded cone and more moldable. So far I’ve found that mostly brallettes and tube bras. But if I want a bra with underwire or lift it seems almost impossible. Thankfully because I had a lift as well I do not need much lift, just for special occasions. Does anyone have this struggle? I’d love to hear thoughts and comments. Thus far the only bras I’ve found for girls with large breast and smaller chest is a uk co. Bravissimo. So far very few in the US, I did fine two by Chantelle that are very lacey with a mesh lining that work, but could be better. So for now I’ll have to try to make due. I will follow up with more news as my search goes on. 

Please tell me if you’ve experienced this and if it is also a struggle for you. 

Ciao beauties 

Skin Care Products #2

New items

Reviews & Routine

I have over the course of this blog documented my skin care products and as they’ve changed and I’ve tried new things. I will give you a new update of my current products and how and why I use them.As you know from my last review, I no longer use the Obagi skin care products because of the chemicals they use.  They are very expensive and unless its going to do miracles I don’t see the point in investing that kind of money in a product. I do not always polish in the morning only if I forgot to the night before. I use the addition of SPF after moisture in the day and then this is the normal night routine.

{Still going strong}


I polish and remove unwanted  topical products and dead skin everyday, Although I have finished off the bottle of cleanser that came with the Mia so I’ve moved on to using a few others I’ve been testing out during this step.

  • (Mechanical exfoliation) Clarisonic Mia 2  with Dr Weil for Origins Mega bright for the time being.  {I love Dr Weil’s mega mushroom cleanser products and figured I’d try this one of his as well.}
  • (Manual exfoliation) Origins Modern Friction, or I am trying out St. Ive’s Green Tea scrub  when I am in the mood to do it myself.


I cleanse in the morning or when I finally find a moment, to remove the skin and loosened material after the polishing.

  • I am still using Dr.Weil for origins Mega Mushroom cleanser
  • If I feel my skin needs a bit of balance I still use the Kiehl’s Cucumber toner, but I find its not as necessary everyday, unless my skin has had an especially hard day.


I’m still using serums before moisturizer however I’ve added one and replaced my moisturizer with 100% oil.  Finding more natural and/or inexpensive products is something I am working on as I learn what ingredients are best for my skin from Dr Lancer’s book.

  • Lancôme Genefique (although I love this serum, I’m considering going back to ANR for more hydration in this dry climate)
  • Estee Lauder Clear Improvement serum to help with break outs and calm redness during visits from my lady friend.
    • I am still using the samples of Dr. Dennis Gross’s Ferulic Acid + Retinol and anytime I use it, it does wonders for my skin. I may consider buying it later.
  • (AM add on)Lancôme bienfait multi-vital eye SPF 28
  • (PM) Origins Plantscription eye cream
    • As you may notice now I am no longer using the ANR I may get it again, but for now, these two do enough for hydration and prevention.
  • 100%Jojoba oil by NOW(used in place of lotion, which I explain below)
  • (AM add on) Olay Complete all-day moisturizer with SPF
    • Note: After wanting to try it for a while and using up my moisturizers,  I’ve begun using jojoba oil as my moisturizer.  I’ve learned that this is a natural and inexpensive way to moisturize; and also because it is so closely similar in compound to the skins natural sebum, it tricks your pores into producing less so in turn your skin is less likely to break-out or have clogged pores.


Within in the last few years I’ve seen the signs of my age starting to creep up on me, and so I’ve begun regular polish of my body as well.  Starting with a Bore hair brush I polish my body in the shower.  If I happen to be lucky enough to have a bath, I use a homemade sugar and coconut oil scrub to really get it done right.  I also occasionally like to add some raw or fermented milk to my bath along with essential oils like peppermint, and tea tree.  Normally I do not wash my skin with soap, but I do use a dove bar for my sweaty areas that may have bacteria.

Additional situational/issue based Products:

  • Clean and Clear acne spot treatment (for one large blemish)
  • Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel (when I have them)
  • Origins Clear improvement active charcoal mask (if I have too many clogged pores)
  • Estee Lauder Idealist, skin tone correction (occasionally when my tone is uneven)
  • {New}Origins Calm to your senses mask (when my skin is red or inflamed)
  • {New}Now 100% Grape Seed oil (makeup removal and brush cleaning mixed w/ shampoo)
  • {New}Hydrafacial by my Esthetician (about once a month)
  • {New}Kiehl’s Superbly Restorative Argan dry oil (for dry body after shower)

As I’ve learned through previous research and reading books such as,  “Younger” by Dr. Lancer the skins natural healing and turnover is a process that we can activate via controlled injury.  The polishing step in cleansing is so crucial in both activating new cell growth and collagen production so I use it everyday.  Some days even twice. Moving to a very dry climate as I’ve mentioned has created an additional battle I must fight in my routine to keep hydrated.  So switching to the jojoba oil has remedied the dry skin peeling issue I was having. So I am trying to avoid any kind of product that drys out my skin either in cleansers and makeup.

Again I hope these reviews and information are helpful to you if you are looking at products for these purposes.

Bye bye beauties



Supplements for Skin and Body


~Update (3/5/16) Due to the recent thyroid issues I am removing the DHEA from my regimen because it will increase hormone production and until I can get my thyroid’s hormone production to regulate and higher level I’ve been advised to hold off.  However I have started adding a new antioxidant to my diet with Spirulina Powder….~

I mentioned before that I was taking some herbal supplements for cleansing, detoxing and clearing my skin.  Since regulating my hormones with bio identical Testosterone, Progesterone, and Estrogen pellets, I am thankfully closer to being in full health again.  Since then I have begun taking some of the herbal supplements and vitamins again in order to naturally help my body along in its healing and repair.  Starting with the list:

DHEA 50g (for better brain function and hormone regulation by:GNC)

DIM-plus (Estrogen Metabolism for acne by Nature’s Way)

Milk Thistle (Liver support by Nature’s Way)

I’ve begun these again, in order to prepare for a detox that I will be undertaking soon once I’ve read through “The Plan” and learned what to do to prepare and make ahead for the three days of cleansing.  I will be taking the 20day plan to test foods that I eat to find out what causes physical ailments and weight gain.  I am also clearing up some systemic yeast in my system as well before I begin the cleanse.  I will be updating how these supplements have helped.


Ciao for Now

Obagi Clenziderm review


Hormonal Acne, unfortunately is an issue I’ve been dealing with for years now, and it is all due in my opinion to using birth control.

After much research and learning from various sources in the medical field that my acne was hormonal, I tried so many things.  I’ve used topical products with medicine, ingestible products that are supposed to regulate from the inside such as medicines and herbal supplements, and various methods of cleansing and dieting to try and rid my skin of this problem.

I’ve found that using the Obagi Clenziderm might have started to help clear up large break outs and pimples but definitely did NOT clear the white heads and sub dermal hormonal acne.  So after finding out more about how benzoyl peroxide works I’ve decided its probably not the best medication to use on my skin.  It is quite popular in many skin care products and even recommended by some dermatologists but the problem is, you must continually use it.  Even then it may not completely clear your skin.

In my case where the hormones inside are the main culprit which starts and perpetuates the problem. Even when I kill the bacteria in the skin or have a medical grade facial extraction and treatment it will come back because of the underlying hormonal problem.  I’ve also found that I have quite a few other symptoms that are common at the same time.  So I am continually doing research to help understand what the root problem is and what has been causing all of my ailments.  So after learning more about benzoyl peroxide I decided to do an experiment.  As expected and like I read in some of the research if you stop using the medication after you face is clearing it seems that the problem is amplified.  My outbreaks were worse than before I started using the product.  So I quite using it all together.

I have been only using my Clarisonic cleanser to polish and then a mild cleanser like Origins Mega Mushroom to remove dirt and skin that was loosened up by polishing.  This has taken a couple weeks but my skin seems to be balancing again.  I still have a pretty bad case of hormonal acne, but the severe outbreak seems to be clearing a bit.  So now I’m working on reading a book by Lyn-Genet Recitas to learn about foods that are inflammatory and causing the imbalances and ailments I’ve continually been plagued with such as fatigue, hormonal imbalance, weight gain or stagnation, and skin problems.  So far I’m loving it and looking forward to testing the foods that I eat to see if any of them are culprits so that I can find out more about and change my overall health.

Hope this review is helpful.

Ciao Starshine on the inside and out.

“Dior Show Maximizer” Beauty Review

This lash primer is my new addition to my makeup arsenal. It is effective at both moisturizing and adding volume and length to my lashes prior to my mascara. I’ve had trouble since moving to a desert climate with my mascara drying very quickly and flaking. Not good for the look. So I started looking into primer to help keep it lasting as well as flaking due to over drying. I read reviews and tried a few at the department stores and came to like this product the best.  As you can see it makes a huge difference and the best part is my mascara doesn’t flake! I’m giving it a thumbs up!


The lashes on on my right have no primer or mascara, the lashes on the left have both.   See the difference it creates an illusion of opening my eyes and making them look larger.