Beautiful Temple Part II

For about 5 years now I have had a problem with hormonal acne that causes me great feelings of depression and embarrassment.  Until recently I was not sure why I was plagued by this after 27 years of virtually clear and beautiful skin.  I mean I’ve had the occasional individual blemish here or there, but really nothing consistent or extreme.  About 5 years ago I had a miscarriage, with is where I believe it started and my story starts there…

At two weeks, and though I was on the pill I found out I was pregnant because of the bodily symptoms I recognized.  After confirming with a test I proceeded to see a midwife for my prenatal care.  At approximately 9-10 weeks along, we were on our way in to the midwifes office to see our baby and hear the heart beat for the first time.  Then after a very awkward silence the news was delivered to us.  I think we were both in shock at first, and it took a while to sink in.  Over a few months the process of going through the mourning, and pain.  I choose not to get a D&C because I believe it is not healthy.  That being said there are rare cases, including a friend of mine who had to have surgical removal of her baby after she miscarried, however I do not believe this is always necessary though it is pushed on many if not all women who go through a miscarriage.  I was given more birth control in order to help speed the process along.  This did not help, actually it caused large clots instead.  Following that and after seeing the Nurse/Midwife regularly through the process, she continued to push the D&C on me, and I became quite irritated with the pressure, and asked for another doctors opinion so that I could explain my frustration.  After still being told I should get the D&C again, I simply declined, so the second doctor informed me that there was one other option that involved manually inserting a pill against my cervix which would most likely immediately cause dilation and flushing of the uterus.  Though I still had some reservations about it, this is what I decided to do.  While going through this process, I was having regular blood draws to check my hormone levels, and which were taking a very long time to level out back to normal.  After a few months they finally reached a low enough level that they could say it was normal.

The one thing that I never really was able to get back to normal was my skin.  Following getting off of birth control permanently and then I was having pregnancy acne before the miscarriage.  It never went away.  I tried new facial care products. I tried seeing a dermatologist.  Finally going to an esthetician to have regular facials done.  None helped the acne.  Although it did improve my skin quality and anti aging prevention.  The dermatologist tried putting me on an oral medication that was supposed to help, and though it started to have mild improvement in my skin, however there was adverse effects.  I had repeated yeast infections.  So I ended up stopping that medication.  Over the coarse of a year and half since my miscarriage, I also improved my diet, started working out regularly, and began using the Fertility Awarness Method as I no longer believed in birth control at all, and I was still wanting to plan when we had more children.  About the time that I stopped the oral medication given to me by the dermatologist we chose not to prevent one time, and 14 days later I knew I was pregnant.  This time I think I had less enthusiasm.  It may have been subconscious feelings that were driving my lack of happiness.  That coupled with the fact that we had literally just had a conversation about how we thought we may be content with our one daughter and small family size so we were considering a vasectomy; but I was definitely not emotionally ready.  Over the pregnancy my acne got worse.   Though I did finally become happy and excited to be having another baby I was not excited for my skin and body to go through what it was going through.  I had every symptom in the book…. It was miserable.  40 weeks later I had a beautiful bouncing baby Boy!  Our little family had grown and we were happy to be starting a new chapter in our lives.

Now its been a couple more years, I’ve gone through major weight loss following the pregnancy and once again changed my diet to an even more healthy way of nutrition.  Unfortunately my acne is still here.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, we recently went of a vacation and I received a long awaited cosmetic procedure to improve my proportion and confidence.  I am very pleased and so thankful that I was able.  While on vacation I went to get a massage and a facial before I went in for surgery.  My esthetician was amazing, and she gave me so much great attention and education concerning my skin.  I explained to her that I’ve had the acne problem and she confirmed that is was only hormonal and not seemingly due to anything else.  My acne is located around  the outer corners of my chin, and along my jawline.  It flares up some days and some days and its red and irritated, and some days its just like brail all along my chin and jaw.   I’ve tried to watch what I’m eating and figure out what may be irritants, but I cannot seem to find anything consistent.  So, after coming home again and healing up, I was once again motivated to improve my skin.  I’ve been doing a lot of research and come up with a game plan which is detailed here…

  • Reducing salt intake both for healing post op and to reduce inflammation.
  • Cutting out cream in my coffee or tea and replacing it with so delicious organic unsweetened coconut milk, or organic vanilla soy.
  • Increasing papaya intake, via smoothies.
  • Green smoothies with anti-inflammatory fruits and veggies almost daily.
  • Increased intake of Vitamin C through whole foods.
  • Increased intake of antioxidants through whole foods.
  • I use Raw wild honey as a facial mask (occasionally adding the juice of a lemon)
  • Origins modern friction as a micro dermabrasion
  • Esteé Lauder Advance Night Repair
  • Origins Dr. Weil Mega Mushroom facial cleanser
  • Aveda Tea Tree essential oil 3 drops & witch hazel on a cotton ball for toner          In addition to these I do use other facial care products such as moisturizers and sirups that are more for anti aging than acne, but the ones listed here are dual purpose functioning both as acne products as well as skin care.  
  • Supplements:
  1. Astragulus
  2. Dandelion leaf extract
  3. DIM- Plus
  4. Burdock Root
  5. Mega green woman’s multi vitamin
  6. Tumeric (spice added to food)
  7. Neo cell Collagen powder type 1&3

Note: Many of the great ideas I’d like to give credit to one individual in perticular.  Tracy at the Love Vitamin.  Her site has informed me a lot more on holistic health methods to getting rid of my acne and I am so forever grateful.

Starlight Signing Out

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