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Healing success!

I cannot believe how things have changed in the last month.  I have been spending some time in prayer for wisdom, healing, and knowledge to find the answers to heal my body.  My prayers are being answered with clarity and I am finding the answers and seeing results.

I’ve literally lost another 10lbs.  That’s a total of 30lbs!

fullsizeoutput_2892Since my last docs appointment I have switched to a bovine raw thyroid supplement, I’ve begun taking thiamine(B1) for fatigue, and B12.  In addition to continuing my nutrition on the AIP side of Paleo.  I have tested a few foods after being on the AIP over a month now, from occasional (meaning once or twice in a week) basmati or sushi rice, and a few minimal exposures to parmesan in pesto.  Neither have given me any noticeable negative side effects.  Also I’ve begun limiting my exposure to blue light after sundown and reduced the physical stressors on my body. I have also been taking a better CBD oil by Fairwinds suppliment for inflammation and pain, and over all neuro-protection.  Last but most informational, I watched this amazing docuseries by Dr. Isabella Wentz, PharmD, FASCP and Hashimotos survivor as well.  Seriously if you suffer from auto-immunity you have to watch this. The Thyroid Secret

My inflammation is drastically decreased and my brain fog is almost virtually gone.  My joint pain has improved, but I am still working on a few things to help improve that even more.  I just had my blood drawn again for my hormone levels and my thyroid function which I will report in my next post.

Success is a 100 little wins!


Pizza and (root)Beer

Tried this amazing recipe from the arsinal of

It is a homemade AIP Paleo Chicken Pesto Pizza.  Loaded with Pesto, shredded chicken, olive bar olives, roasted artichokes and Truffle Sea salt.  It was so simple to go to a local store with a great variety of natural and organic and specialty foods to get the ingrediants I did not already have on hand. You can find the recipe here Chicken Pesto Pizza and I made it in less than an hour including the flat bread crust.  It was amazing and I’m so glad I found it, since I’ve been on the AIP its been difficult to watch others eat typical weekend dinners like pizza and such.  Not that I have a problem with eating steak and Salmon or grilled chicken instead of Pizza, but sometimes you just want Pizza!  So I found an option.  And I gotta say its better than most normal pizzas its more flavorful and rich.  The crust is delicious and slightly doughy and still crispy on the outside.

AIPaleo Chicken pesto

In an effort to heal my gut and help me with digestion during this process of healing.  I have been trying lots of probiotic foods and drinks like this.  I have found that Humm kombucha is so far my favorite for fruity flavored kombucha, because I really cant stand the taste of regular kombucha.  But  I decided to try this one while I was shopping at my local Natural Grocers, and I liked it.  I figured if I sipped it while I walked and I didnt like it, it was a less then 3dollar cost to give it a go.  But I REALLY liked it! So I bought five more.  It gave me a little treat because it tasted like my dad’s homemade rootbeer, and yet I know that it had the benefits of the probiotic, organic, gluten free (soda).  So glad I took the chance to try it. It was a treat.

Kombucha Rootbeer

Medicinal Update


Here it is. It has been a slow process since I have a hard time reading a book in my hands vs. listening to books.  However as I’ve been on this self healing journey, I am getting further in my book “The Root Cause” and learning a little more about the Dr.’s research and even self experimentation.  According to “The Plan” which I read last year those who have low thyroid function need iodine.  So as per the advise of Lyn Genet, I started taking Kelp.  However I found out recently that this is a hypothesis that is widely spread by some in the nutrition community and it is not backed by testing and scientific facts.  Therefore as I am willing to try things, but never convinced until I see facts and results that prove the test to have a result that is consistent and sustainable.  I am skeptical of many nutritionists who learn a few things about some test that showed results in some people and then try to say that is the truth for all.  I am just as skeptical of doctors who live by the bible of their medical training and the practices handed down by generations before them, which sometimes prove to be founded in truth, but other times result in false assumptions and flawed medicine.  Therefore, I am removing the Kelp from my regimen to test the results without, and to actually test my iodine levels with a urinary iodine test before continuing with any method to reduce or increase iodine in my system.

That being said, I am increasing Selenium for the time being which counteracts the over consumption of iodine in food and other sources.  An abundance of iodine without a correlating amount of selenium will actually make matters worse for the thyroid.   also found to contribute to digestion issues that are found Crohn’s, celiac, and IBD, according to Dr. Isabella Wentz (Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis Lifestyle Interventions for Finding and Treating the Root Cause, 2015) The Hashimotos:celiac or even mild gluten-intolerance dance is so common among us who suffer that it is finally becoming noticed among those in the community of people discussing and sharing stories about Hashimotos online.  Low levels of selenium is part of the equation and I would even say it is one more tentacle of the monster that becomes this cycle of symptoms vs. cause.  The major benefits of selenium are that it facilitates the conversion of T4 into T3 which is one of the problems with the thyroid in Hashimotos; and it protects the thyroid from the oxidative damage from dangerous levels of hydrogen peroxide that occurs from excessive iodine. As well Selenium, reduces anti-thyroid antibodies and so I am testing the effect on my body and will be visiting with the doctor this week to get new lab work done.

The thing is, the more I understand it, iodine, what Dr. Wentz refers to as a “goldilocks supplement” meaning that there is so much conflicting data on the occurrence of iodine in thyroid disease because if it is too high it causes severe problems, and if it is too low it causes other extreme symptoms.  So until I have that test done, I will be staying away from supplementing with iodine.

I’ve replaced the daytime adrenal supplement with a nighttime supplement, as I still have symptoms of adrenal imbalance.  I’ve also re-added milk thistle (for liver health), and switched to a new digestive enzyme.

As well I’ve decided to add magnesium to help me with anxiety, fatigue, energy, and helping to reduce kidney stones, and increase DHEA.

I will be updating again after my labs are back, as I am looking into alternative thyroid therapy that Dr. Wentz discusses rather than the Synthroid I was taking before.  I found that some of my thyroid symptoms did return after the Synthroid was out of my system.  But the benefit was so minimal that I wish to try an alternative medication to bring my thyroid levels to normal.

I am following her book very closely and taking the steps to test and treat and I am now officially on an auto immune paleo diet as well to further reduce inflammation.

Medicine cabinet


Almost completely pharmaceutical free (except allergy medicine)

So I’ve been reducing and removing traditional prescription drugs to do continue the goal for complete cleansing of my body of toxic and depleting substances.  I’ve found wonderful substitutes for many of the medicines and I am pleased to also say that though there have been a few recurrences of some of my hashimotos symptoms I been successful in reducing and removing almost all of them.  So here are the herbal, natural, and vitamin medicines I am taking to serve the purpose of self healing and treating while I find the root causes of my hashimotos symptoms.

I am also happy to say I have officially hit the lost 20lbs mark in my fitness pal, and though it has taken about 6 months I am very happy that I finally am seeing loss that is sustained and not yo-yo’ing.  I have begun fasting more regularly, and with the reduction of carbs, and removal of gluten again I am pleased that I have seen no flair ups of my digestion issues or bloating.  I am happy with the success I have achieved with finding self healing and weight loss, and I am continuing on the road to my goal of full remission.  I am taking it slower now and trying not to get too discouraged as I know it is a long road for many who have hashimotos and it is difficult.  If anyone else is suffering along with me, follow and check out Isabella Wentz’s book the Root cause.

One more thing, I still take the tincture that I was given and will finish it off, but I will not be getting more.  As well I still take the digestive enzymes and the probiotics.


Hiatus from the keyboard(sort of)

So I’ve been gone a while and I want to explain… since I last wrote we’ve moved, the kids are in school and I have gone back to school for my MBA.  So needless to say I’ve been limited for time, due to school work.   However, I had a clear answer to prayer while crying out to God on my knees for an hour….a couple of months ago. I asked him among other things what he wants me to do with my talents and ambition. he said “multiply your talents” the following day I received a call back from one of about 10 schools I was looking into for my plans to go back in two years and after he told me to do it now, I was both caught off guard but pleased because it was going to speed up my journey. So here I am on Christmas break after two and half months back into school, sitting at he local indoor trampoline park with the kids. I thought it would be the perfect time to update. This may mean I am not as active however I will still be updating my health journey.


Bio Hacking part 3

I recently come to the conclusion that I should test a few foods that I had not tested before. I unthoughfully stopped eating wheat products and replaced them with gluten free options a couple of months ago.  As of a couple of weeks ago I was going over my resources and wondering why I was not having a great deal of success in loosing weight if I was removing a food that was a common trigger for hashimotos patients.  I was having better results with my gut and symptoms of lower gut bloating and idegestion. So I got all of my resources together and started to dig. I realized that I had increased my carbohydrates dramatically when I started eating gluten free because I felt safe eating the gluten free baked goods. I didn’t realize I was actually eating more gf-breads and such than I had been before going gluten free. I thought because I went gluten free that the indegestion and bloating was getting better. However I realized when I looked at the other factors that I had increased digestive enzyme simultaneously. So needless to say I had a period where I actually stopped all of my thoughts and focused solely on lowing sugar even if I was still having an occasional wheat product.  Since then I have done some fasting to reset my metabolism and restart my efforts to focus on more portion control and reducing sugar to try and regulate my insulin levels.  I am not depriving myself of anything just refocusing, exercising and hydrating more.  Finally I started to see results again and the more I told myself, I am allowed to have anything just not all day everyday. I also re-read a great motivational book “reshaping it all” by Candace Cameron Bure, and finally read the “Skinnygirl rules for getting and staying naturally thin” by Bethany Frankel.  The great thing about both of these books they are both teaching natural health through eating right rather than dieting. The hashimotos makes my situation unique because of the symptoms that come along with it, they cause me to have a difficult time doing normal things and so it has been a battle of taking herbs and spices and finding what works, what makes a difference for me!  Hashimotos also makes nutrition an issue, because there are some common triggers as I mentioned earlier like gluten.  My focus has been to start by exercising more regularly each morning, before the kids get up for school, and eliminating breads until I have reset my sugar levels.  Then my plan will be to introduce only gluten free items for a week once per day, to test. Followed by a similar test with wheat products to test. If I see the digestive issues return I will then know that the wheat does react in my gut. The key will be to limit the breads so that I do not mess in my sugar levels again.  I am happy to say I have lost 15 pounds and kept it off for at least a month. I am going slow and steady to get into a routine and be consistent with my sustainability of my nutritional intake.  I have also quit synthroid and began taking a high content cinnamon and a turmeric supplement to impact inflammation. This was a recommendation from a friend who also has hashimotos and has seen massive results in reducing inflammation through her limitation of sugar and taking these two anti inflammatory supplements. I will update my medicine list in my next post. One other thing, I forgot to mention that my allergy test did show a very mild reaction to all of the main ingredients to gf baked goods, so I will proceed with that in mind, as the allergist explained it simply means that I should not live on those ingredients, because then I will trigger more reaction. It’s better to build up tolerance with small consistent doses.