Beautiful Temple Part I

Ok, so going to give you a run down on all the beauty, healthy and cleansing routines I’m currently doing over a series of posts.   Recently I’ve become even more of a health and beauty nut for various reasons.  Maybe its because I am in my thirties 😉

Now, I’m all about treating your body as a temple so as I get older I’m eliminating things from my eating habits and health rituals that I believe to be un healthy and unproductive for keeping my body a temple of health and beauty.  So starting about two years ago I changed my diet drastically by doing an actual diet for the first time in my life.  I went on the South Beach diet to jump start my switch to healthier eating, and worked out regularly (4-6 days a week) and went from unhealthy eating habits that were learned to balance in my diet that was both a great way to loose weight as well as a preventative measure since both my mother and my grandmother had diabetes, so I am pre deposed to diabetes.

I quit drinking hard alcohol approximately three months ago, and following a vacation we took to Miami for a week while simultaneously having a breast lift/implants surgery, and I followed a low sodium diet and low sugar and increased protein as well as avoiding dairy for a couple of weeks after that.

I’m moving toward a much more whole food or God made food diet.  So this is a basic break down or my food groups.

Meat & Protein

Eating only grass-fed beef and beef from our local butcher who sources from local farms.  As well I’m going to try to purchase chicken produced without antibiotics and hormones.  My reasons for this vary.

I always have a couple bags of frozen fresh, both farmed and wild caught fish (depending on the fish) in my chest freezer which I consume at least a couple times per week for a meal. The fish I like in order of favorites include, Sockeye salmon, Mahi Mahi, Flounder, Tuna steaks and Tilapia.

I try eat a handful of nuts at least every other day if not everyday of the following unsalted almonds, walnuts, unsalted pistachios, cashews, and unsalted sunflower seed that I have in the cabinet.

Last but definitely not least The magical fruit, Beans; which I buy in dry form and cook in various ways, but most often my husband and children like pinto (refried),  or I’ve made white bean chicken chili {delicious} I love black beans and recently have purchased red and pink varieties as well to start experimenting with.


We already drink organic milk, however I am not drinking any milk currently for a whole other reason which I’ll get into a later post.  We use organic sweet cream butter, and I am substituting my normal cream by drinking organic So delicious coconut milk, or organic vanilla soy and Kefir.  I do make yogurt using my organic milk and I even strain it just a little, in order to create a greek style consistency, as well as saving some whey for smoothies and such.  I love cheese, so this is the only not fermented form of dairy I am allowing myself currently, in limited quantities, but I know based on some research that the hard cheeses are less likely to affect my body or my skin than milk so I allow it at the moment.


So why I say eating whole food, basically I mean I’m trying to eat raw fruits and raw or slightly cooked veggies (which I’ve always done anyway) however increasing consumption to every meal or at least two out of three.

For example: this morning I sautéed some chopped multi colored bell peppers with some organic sweet cream butter and then added two organic eggs and cooked them almost over hard.

Even if I don’t eat them raw I’m trying to get a serving into every meal if I can.

I make a green smoothie almost daily, using all sorts of fruits, as well, I make super salads and greek salads regularly using romaine, green leaf lettuce or baby spinach, and they are always full of flavor (thanks you again South Beach Diet).  Also I use cabbage to make coleslaw for snacks and kale for chips and smoothies.

I love to eat raw turnips, bell peppers, carrots, and occasionally celery (but only if it has peanut butter or cheese spread over it), mushrooms (I know these are not technically veggies), cooked asparagus, peas, green beens and brussels sprouts.  Generally I don’t buy potatoes because I don’t seem to cook them enough to keep them from spoiling.  However when I do get a small bag I usually make a lot of home fries or mashed potatoes and gravy.  Yams on the other hand are much more common in my kitchen and I pretty much only cook them one way and they are gobbled up before they are cold.  I’ve made them other ways in the past, but I’ve found one way that we all love and its a little bit of a treat because they are caramelized.

Bread & Pasta

I buy bread made without high fructose corn syrup, as well as buns, and sometimes we make tortillas, and sometimes we buy them, just depends on the day; I use whole grain or whole wheat pasta (which tastes better to me).  I always make pancakes and waffles from scratch, and once in a while I make cookies and biscuits.  But I do not eat bread regularly… I find it just makes me more hungry and then I end up over eating, I eat it sparingly as it causes a spike in my blood sugar which just makes me more hungry shortly afterward.


I use Extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic sweet cream butter, and peanut oil for the various menu items that I make using oil.

I also am avoiding buying precooked or processed and preserved foods for the most part,  this came about after reading the South Beach diet. While going through that process I lost 30lbs, and gained a whole lot of confidence as well as knowledge about my diet.  I would say that I moved from a 50:50 ratio of whole foods vs processed in the house to more of a 75:25 ratio within the last five years.  My hope is to some day not have any need to buy pre cooked or processed foods, so that I know exactly how and with what ingredients my food is prepared.

Moving on… This about does it for a basic break down of my diet.  I will post on various recipes and how it is affecting my body skin and weight goals from here on out.

I am currently at a stand still 140-145lbs, and hope to reduce my jean size by a few… don’t we all…  however I think I am much more confident about my body as time goes though, and I am beginning to love it more as I improve it outside and in.  I am definitely more of a shorter Marilyn Monroe body type with all the bells and whistles and a bubble bum, and to put it in perspective, I had my wedding dress altered to size 12 in the hips and 4 in the bodice.  I am petite, and though I am only 5’2″ no one ever has told me I am over weight.  I think its my own insecurities, and unfortunately women are inundated with abnormal body figures and air brushed models that only contribute to your need to change your body.  And thought I know this is the truth, I still cant seem to shake my obsession with it.  I will say this though, I do believe that God made woman as the crown jewel of creation, saving the best and most beautiful for last, and along with that woman have a deep seeded desire to look and feel beautiful.  I testify this by saying this, when you feel beautiful, and attractive, you are more confident, happy, and even  interested in intimacy.  So I believe it is not just a sickness I have of being focused on my external beauty, but I believe it in fact part of Gods amazing design and it has just been twisted to the point of becoming a negative burden or even unhealthy.  Now that being said.  I am on a journey and I want to realize the truth about my beauty and keeping my body the way it was made to be.  You are a work in progress and when you stop growing, learning and changing, thats when I think you are no longer fruitful.

This is Starlight Signing out

What is your input?

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