Healing my cold

I am currently sick and tired… Sick because I have caught a cold and tired because I am in the midst of hell week for a play that I am preforming in my local dinner theater.

So I’m desperately trying to rest at home now in between getting up for the kids or puppy, or to make myself a little healing broth.  This is why I’ve been a little absent from writing.

Recipe here:

4-6 cups water

three lemons squeezed and one lemon rind

6-10 garlic cloves crushed or cut in half

1/4 cup ginger paste

Raw honey to taste

Cayenne pepper

boil and then reduce heat to low wait until both looks caramel colored and then strain through cheese cloth into mug.  Add 1 tbsp raw honey and two shakes of cayenne pepper. Drink all day…

This drink is courtesy of a recipe I found online, and I’ve altered it a little, but the main ingredients are the same.  I find it does help me feel more energized and I’m really hoping the garlic will act as my natural antibiotic to kill this virus.


What is your input?

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