Supplements for Skin and Body


~Update (3/5/16) Due to the recent thyroid issues I am removing the DHEA from my regimen because it will increase hormone production and until I can get my thyroid’s hormone production to regulate and higher level I’ve been advised to hold off.  However I have started adding a new antioxidant to my diet with Spirulina Powder….~

I mentioned before that I was taking some herbal supplements for cleansing, detoxing and clearing my skin.  Since regulating my hormones with bio identical Testosterone, Progesterone, and Estrogen pellets, I am thankfully closer to being in full health again.  Since then I have begun taking some of the herbal supplements and vitamins again in order to naturally help my body along in its healing and repair.  Starting with the list:

DHEA 50g (for better brain function and hormone regulation by:GNC)

DIM-plus (Estrogen Metabolism for acne by Nature’s Way)

Milk Thistle (Liver support by Nature’s Way)

I’ve begun these again, in order to prepare for a detox that I will be undertaking soon once I’ve read through “The Plan” and learned what to do to prepare and make ahead for the three days of cleansing.  I will be taking the 20day plan to test foods that I eat to find out what causes physical ailments and weight gain.  I am also clearing up some systemic yeast in my system as well before I begin the cleanse.  I will be updating how these supplements have helped.


Ciao for Now

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