Under active Thyroid

I’ve recently gone to my doctor because many of the symptoms I’ve been having in the past are remerging. I suspected after doing more research, and reading a book about foods and inflammation called the Plan, that I may have had an issue with my thyroid. A good friend of mine had a similar problem and based on my symptoms she said maybe I should talk to my doc about my thyroid. I was right, and so was she. So I’ve been given a thyroid medicine to try and get it under control.

I was alway feeling a bit frustrated knowing that we had been treating my symptoms and we could not find the root cause for all of them because they seemed connected.

-unexplained weight gain

-hormone imbalance

-skin problems

-lack of energy

…among many symptoms… So now I’m tackling that so that I can move forward with the Plan.  I am also cutting out and avoiding goitrogenic foods in the course of medicine, since Lyn-Genet explains that these are not going to help my thyroid while I am treating the problem.  Go figure I was eating many of these foods daily if not multiple times per week.  I’m sure that was not helping my body to work and heal my thyroid under activity. Goitrogenic foods interfere with the bodies ability to intake iodine, and effects the thyroid healthy function. As I find more info about these foods, I learn and cut them out as well.  Even though I’m on the medicine I was not given a list by my doc to avoid since its probably not part of his medicine practice to give natural healing advise.  So I had to take that aspect into my own hands.

Goitrogenic Food examples (obtained from wikipedia)

What is your input?

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