My plan on The Plan


Recently I’ve learned another step in the search for the root cause of my health issues over the previous years.  This is a two part plan that I’ve begun. I recently read the book “The Plan” by Lyn-Genet Recitas which is marketed as a weight loss book but actually I learned about it through listening to a talk radio health show and heard her discussing the problem of chronic inflammation. I was intrigued because I knew this was a issue I had.  I also was interested in finding out if there were foods I had been eating that might be causing inflammation and weight gain.  I was right!  After doing the initial three day detox eating only global non inflammatory foods, I started the testing phase where I introduced foods each day to see how my body reacted.  The premise of the plan is that our body’s chemistry will react to what we put in them and though some diets have great results for some there is no one diet for everyone because everyones body is different.  Which is why so many of us try diets that have all sorts of success stories and then it doesn’t work for us.  Over time our body’s become even more ‘reactive’ to foods as we get older, similar to allergies that get worse with age.  I found this book to have so much of what I was already finding in my research of nutrition and healing and so I was very intrigued and excited to try it out and see what may be causing inflammation and what also may be able to heal ailments that I’ve had.  Many of the patients of Lyn-Genet have had the same issue with health issues they could not explain nor cure.  But rather ended up suffering and treating symptoms.  Many others like myself have struggled with unexplained weight gain that was never a problem and worked doing anything possible to try to loose it.

Myself, I had an average athletic figure until I had my miscarriage and gave up birth control.  That is when many of the obvious problems began.  Skin issues were the first.  Then slowly I gained weight though there was no change in my diet or lifestyle.  Then I had more anxiety and depression as well as very abnormal menstrual cycle.  I had already been suffering from extreme cramping after my first born but nothing else, so I assumed it was just a natural thing that happened after child birth.  I never seemed to have cramps as a young girl.  When I went through the hormone replacement therapy with the pellet, my cramping finally subsided, well at least became very minimal so that I didn’t really notice it.

So back to the Plan, after reading into it, and beginning the testing phase I realized that once I got into the higher inflammatory foods I seemed to have a lot more issues and nothing seemed to help this was only two weeks in so I knew there was something not quite adding up.  I am excited about doing the plan and I know it will help me to find the foods that my body doesn’t react well to,  as I already know a couple of factors that cause inflammation and foods that I have consistent reaction to are apparent. I need to identify the problem however so that I can continue.  There is a section in the book specific to the Thyroid, and hormonal imbalance has already been an issue so I’m going to discuss this with my doc.

Until then…