Obagi Clenziderm review


Hormonal Acne, unfortunately is an issue I’ve been dealing with for years now, and it is all due in my opinion to using birth control.

After much research and learning from various sources in the medical field that my acne was hormonal, I tried so many things.  I’ve used topical products with medicine, ingestible products that are supposed to regulate from the inside such as medicines and herbal supplements, and various methods of cleansing and dieting to try and rid my skin of this problem.

I’ve found that using the Obagi Clenziderm might have started to help clear up large break outs and pimples but definitely did NOT clear the white heads and sub dermal hormonal acne.  So after finding out more about how benzoyl peroxide works I’ve decided its probably not the best medication to use on my skin.  It is quite popular in many skin care products and even recommended by some dermatologists but the problem is, you must continually use it.  Even then it may not completely clear your skin.

In my case where the hormones inside are the main culprit which starts and perpetuates the problem. Even when I kill the bacteria in the skin or have a medical grade facial extraction and treatment it will come back because of the underlying hormonal problem.  I’ve also found that I have quite a few other symptoms that are common at the same time.  So I am continually doing research to help understand what the root problem is and what has been causing all of my ailments.  So after learning more about benzoyl peroxide I decided to do an experiment.  As expected and like I read in some of the research if you stop using the medication after you face is clearing it seems that the problem is amplified.  My outbreaks were worse than before I started using the product.  So I quite using it all together.

I have been only using my Clarisonic cleanser to polish and then a mild cleanser like Origins Mega Mushroom to remove dirt and skin that was loosened up by polishing.  This has taken a couple weeks but my skin seems to be balancing again.  I still have a pretty bad case of hormonal acne, but the severe outbreak seems to be clearing a bit.  So now I’m working on reading a book by Lyn-Genet Recitas to learn about foods that are inflammatory and causing the imbalances and ailments I’ve continually been plagued with such as fatigue, hormonal imbalance, weight gain or stagnation, and skin problems.  So far I’m loving it and looking forward to testing the foods that I eat to see if any of them are culprits so that I can find out more about and change my overall health.

Hope this review is helpful.

Ciao Starshine on the inside and out.