Skincare product updates

What I’m using:

Hello again, I am reviewing some products and updating my regimen to reflect the products I am still using and the ones that I have replaced with new products. Ok I know this may seem like a lot but bare with me, and I’ll explain.


AM Routine

Splash face with warm water and proceed to use the Clarisonic Mia 2 with a deep pore cleansing brush and the standard cleanser that came with it.  Or I use the Origins Modern friction.  After which I wash my face with Obagi Clenziderm cleanser.  This is followed with my Cucumber acohol free toner from Khiels on a cotton pad.  I then use one pump of Obagi Clenziderm Treatment lotion and rub this into my face paying special attention to get it into the jaw and chin where most of my acne has been.  After this treatment dries, I then use Lancôme Génefique serum.  Followed by a the Obagi Clenziderm Moisturizer.  If I find that I am going go outdoors at all I will use the Lancôme bienfait multi-vital eye SPF 28, and Olay complete all-day moisturizer with sunscreen.

PM Routine

At night I start with a splash of warm water and cleansing or removing makeup while cleansing with my Obagi Clenziderm cleanser.  I follow this with Khiels Cucumber toner, and then most days take one of the Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta peel pad duo and my ferulic acid + retinol brightening solution to bed and while laying flat I use the Step one pad, wait two minutes and then step two pad.  Followed by the ferulic solution.  If I’m not too tired then I’ll stay in the bathroom and do this.  Adding my ANR eye serum and Planscription eye. Then I add the Génefique serum on top of the Ferulic solution followed by a night moisturizer of either my Lancôme beinfait multi-vital night moisturizer or Origins Nightamins.  {I’ve used up The Lancôme beinfait moisturizers day and finishing off the night, but I will not buy it again.  I did not see any noticeable that I could not get from any Olay moisturizer.  So I will most likely buy an Olay Night moisturizer and continue to use the Nightamins or just Nightamins exclusively because it does have a very noticeable effect on my skin.}

I do occasionally use a mask such as the Origins clear improvement or the homemade honey mask I posted on earlier.  I come back to both because they work and make my skin feel amazing.

So you may have noticed a few changes.  Heres what I can say, I switched my cleansing system to the Obagi Clenziderm system to see if it would help to clear IMG_1782my skin of the acne I was having.  I’ve had it for about 2 months and been using it pretty regularly with a few days off here or there.  It is very strong and my hope was to really get the acne I had gone.  I have noticed a big difference in my skin as far as breakouts, however I do not see much difference in the subdermal white comidomes that freckle my chin and jawline.  This I’m still working on finding a cure for.  Im going to see if eliminating dietary items may help. I will keep you posted on that.

The good thing is they are only noticeable to me.IMG_1497

I also switched serum from the Plantscription to the Génefique as I did not see really any noticeable change after using the Plantscription serum for quite a few weeks.  It may have long term effects but as far as helping my skin to retain moisture like the ANR did I was not impressed.  So I am trying Lancôme instead.  So far I am loving it.  I notice moisture, and an overall improvement in my skin that I can’t quite put my finger on yet. But again I’ll let you know.

I’ve added the peel as of going through a trial box I posted about previously and I’m loving it.  If you are unable to go for professional treatment to a doc that will tailor recommendations of peels to your skin and ethnicity this is a wonderful alternative.  Its like a little peel every night.  And I see a pretty noticeable difference when I wake up and got into the bathroom.  I have completely stopped using all herbal capsules and I have a humidifier that I fill nightly and have on all night while sleeping.

I am pleased to report that after reading Dr. Lancer’s book ‘Younger’ I have learned to exfoliate more and realized that its not so much the products but the state of skin before applying them that matters.  If you have not sloughed off the dirt, skin, and really activated the cells to shed the products you use will unlikely make a long term or noticeable difference.  I can say this from personal proof since subscribing to his method of polish, cleanse, treat I have had strangers and family make comments about what I’m doing and even asked if I was using botox. 🙂  This made me very happy.  Its paying off.  The time, the effort, the good investment in certain products.  I am feeling more confident everyday.

I hope this is information that you find educating and helpful. Thank you for allowing me to share.

Ciao Starshine

Simple facial mask

This a simple facial mask that I like to do every so often. The benefit of the lemon’s vitamins and the chemical exfoliation and antibacterial effects of the honey are an easy way to cleanse and soften your skin while sitting at your breakfast and coffee or doing a little chore or two. I find that leaving it on until it is mostly tacky and not wet gives my face and neck a cheap facial and my skin feels so refreshed. I like to do about a tablespoon of honey and half a lemon, mix well so that it’s a thicker consistency than straight juice and then paint it on with a kabuki brush. The vitamin C alone in the lemon will help to remove or lighten sun spots you may see popping up in the end of the summer. Try it and feel the benefits. 
Ciao beauty buffs