Healthy heat

Healthy fats, protein and vitamin C packed veggies for breakfast. My adjusted version of the south beach diet took time and work to find good subsistutes for the items that I deemed inconsistsnt with my goals. Finally after some semi homemade combinations I have a general plan for how to adapt my lifestyle changes to the good habits brought forth in this lifestyle diet. I have begun by returning to the phase one to rid my body of sugar cravings and yo yo energy surges. I loved the south beach when I tried it 5 years ago and I felt healthy and looked great. Now after lifestyle changes such as going kosher, and eating much cleaner, I have started over with my modified version to get back to a healthier balance of protein, fats and fiber. Initially the 1st phase is difficult for me, because of extreme sugar habits, I have developed. However it is doable and the discomfort is temporary. My previous experience with this diet and how it really did seem to not just help me to get back into shape but also feel more energized is my motivation to adapt the concepts of the diet lifestyle now. It is the only diet I have  very successfully tried and which helped me to overcome challenges with my genetics and weight. My mothers family have many who are extremely obese and suffer many health issue such as diebeties and heart attacks. Among other bad habits eating healthy is not something I witnessed as a young child.  So as I mentioned in my pages and diet review post I’ve felt for me it is important to keep a goal of being physically healthy and choosing preventative lifestyle behaviors. I am not always on point but I always keep the goal in mind so that if I fall off the preverbial wagon I can remember that I can alway get back on.  It’s like they say, failure is not falling down, but never getting back up. So here I am once again doing the work. I am a hungry girl and most restrictive dieting or advise I get from trainers do not seem to help me, since I always end up feeling deprived and bored with the unpalletable repetition of diets. So I find flavorful recipes and modify them for this lifestyle diet. This is one of the few breakfast choices that are in phase one of sugar purging. I like to change it up with the Sriracha and drink a glass of hot&spicy V8. In case you haven’t heard Capsaicin which is the ingridiant spicy foods which give peppers their hot character are a great way to increase blood flow, suppresses hunger , burn fat and produces endorphans. Making us happy! Technically capsaicin makes your body release the fat stores so that YOU can burn it off, (this is called fat oxidation for those who are interested in the science of it all.) personally I don’t don’t really care what it’s called I just like what it means! So I add more to my meals both for flavor and to rev up my body’s blood flow and fat burning functions. This morning breakfast omelet contains the following :

Organic local eggs

Tricolor peppers

And lots of flavor in the form of a swirl of Sriracha!


A quick spritz of non stick cooking spray on my pan, heat to medium. Place precut and frozen peppers (I have stockpiled in the freezer so they are ready)  in pan and just cook until slightly soft but not mushy. Scoot them to the very edge of one side. Now get ready cause it goes fast from here on; beat two eggs and pour into pan slowly so not to splash. Once eggs begin solidifying around the edge, slowly push with a spatula or wooden utensil folding the eggs over themselves and the peppers. Like a burrito. I then continue flipping them slowly so to just solidify but not brown. Then place them on my plate and swirl with Sriracha and enjoy the heat.  


What is your input?

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