Dual purpose downsizing

IMG_8201Waist training&Tighlacing; yes that is fact what I am doing. After much research and contemplation of vendors and initial cost impact, I’ve purchased my first real corset. I’ve always loved wearing them as lingerie, but I’ve always wanted a real steel bone hand made corset for tightlacing purposes. One reason is I have always thought waist training was such a beautiful retro fashion and practice of training ones body to have that beautiful hour glass figure you tend to loose after child birth. Second, it constricts the stomach just enough that you cannot over indulge or binge eat. Which in some cases can help you to eat less. Have you ever noticed that when you are wearing sweatpants to feel a subconscious freedom to gorge yourself on chips and salsa or ice cream {maybe I’m the only one and I just confessed to a crime}. Anywho my goal is to actually loose weight through healthy diet and visualizing my lean and curvy body! Some of the wonderful articles from real corsetieres can give you the proper education concerning waist training myths and beginner advise, so check’em out. A few places I recommend is the Orchard Corset, The Lingerie addict,  they are wonderful and full of great articles about corsetry. I am so excited to report I am less then two inches away from sizing down to my second corset.

Ciao corseting companions.

What is your input?

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