Updateing with Amino acids


Things are going well with hormone replacement therapy. My levels are increasing and my overall feeling of well being and energy have finally started to improve. I’ve recently begun taking a new BCAA (Branch chain amino acids) that I much prefer over the last type I was trying. It tastes really good therefore I actually take it all the time. As I’ve been reading more about them I’m please to find that though I began taking them as recommended by my trainer for muscle building and recovery, I was unaware of all the benefits of BCAA’s especially for helping the body produce growth hormones. Not only do BCAA’s help me with my current hormone recovery, but they prevent and minimize mental fatigue. ¬†They are directly involved in creating new muscle tissue as I lift weights, assisting protein synthesis, and reducing cortisol, the stress hormone that increases belly fat.

All these properties are some of the new info that I’ve come across while researching BCAA’s. ¬†They are a dual benefit supplement for my goals in body building and health improvement.

Recipe for my Amino Acid smoothie fix

1 Scoop Blue Raspberry Alpha amino BCAA’s

1/2 cup Wild Blueberries

1/2 cup Organic Triple berry mix

water/ crushed ice

(Tastes like candy, and serves as a sweet fix)