Balancing my Body begins

So I’m almost one week post Hormone pellet implant.

Last week the specialist and I spoke about my imbalance and after my own research concerning treatments, we agreed that the pellet therapy was my preferred treatment option at this time.  I have looked into the natural (not medical) ways of increasing my testosterone and progesterone, and so in addition to doing as much of these that I can, I am also receiving a slow release dose of hormones via pellet that was inserted into my hip.  I am confident that it will be helpful based on everything I have learned about the therapy as well as the doctor’s knowledge of the proper way to use this therapy.  It does take a while to see some effect, so it will be a few weeks most likely before I truly feel a great difference.  I am continuing my physical training as much as I am able to, as this is a very good way to help the testosterone along and prevent my body from loosing strength.  I have been given a specified dose of the Estrogen, Testosterone, via pellet and Progesterone via oral supplement to help elevate the levels that are down, as well as treat the symptoms that I have had:

Loss of memory

Weight gain and stagnant weight

Overall feeling of lethargy


Depression and uncontrolled emotion

Almost non-existent libido

Just to name a few of the most prevalent symptoms I’ve experienced with the hormone imbalance.  Thankfully I know enough medical basics from college that I am able to reference and research to understand conditions and piece together symptoms and causes.  It helps to understand what is happening in my body, in addition to treating it.  So far, since the implant, I have been trying to take it easy.  My implant site is very bruised and sore, but it is healing quite quickly, and I’m very hopeful that the treatment will not have to be longer than 6 months to a year.

After doing more reading regarding causes and connections, my belief in birth control and how it is the main culprit to my problem has been even more confirmed.  One example of resources was found in The Journal of Sexual health and it has some very informative info regarding the connection between women who were on birth control for a prolonged period and hormone imbalances later after ending use.  It only further supports my belief that God did not intend for medicine to be used in this way, and unnaturally planning procreation is unhealthy for us.  Especially because birth control is not  guaranteed and pregnancy can and has occurred unbeknown to the mother, which can then lead to unplanned pregnancy, abortion, and  miscarriage.  I pray the we the women of todays educated and increasingly equal rights era can be proactive in learning about how the system and those who are in charge of it, can very detrimentally hurt us, and cause un bias infanticide of innocent souls.  I also pray that we are empowered to be free from the control of and dependency on a system not often motivated by our best interest.

If only I did not have the clean up the mess that my selfishness and ignorance caused.  Thankfully I do believe that medicine is good, and God gave us the ability to treat, heal and nourish our bodies with medical knowledge as well as natural methods in our lifestyles.  What a gift that we should have the capability and free will God gave to learn and discover and advance medical treatments and to help us.  I am thankful we are not just at the mercy of a system of mad scientists, but rather with understanding and education we can know who our doctors are and that many of them are actually used with grace by our great physician.

Testosterone challenged

Well, I’ve found out more about why I am having so much trouble loosing weight and with my skin lately. I have been tested and diagnosed with low female testosterone. Therefore, I will be sent to a specialist to discuss options for hormone therapy to adjust the level of female testosterone.  I’ve read up on the effects of low female testosterone and it makes a lot of sense now considering all of my symptoms and failed efforts to treat the symptoms. I also am glad I had the test done, because I also realized that it can be a very serious and dangerous condition if left untreated.

Considering all of the symptoms I’ve had over the past five years and doing massive research putting the pieces together, I’ve come to the conclusion that many of the physical challenges I’ve experienced are directly attributed to taking the birth control for over 10 years of my youth and young adulthood. After having a miscarriage early on we decided to not use hormone birth control any longer.

I was given the name of a wonderfully informative book by a trusted girlfriend called, Taking Charge of your fertility, and I’m so glad I did.  This book taught me the Family Awareness Method, and I learned more than just how to monitor my fertility, but also was thoroughly educated on all things female reproductive system. Things I never learned in school health or sexual education. Actually come to think of it, I didn’t learn enough about my body and how it worked to even be confident with the physically normal state of my female body. I’m so disappointed. As well I disagree with the educational system health classes altogether considering the most I remember learning was a lot of birth control, and STD info. I highly recommend any women, girl or mother to read and give to their daughters or teach to them the wise counsel of a woman’s body, and how to take care of it, as well as know what is normal and healthy. I feel so much more confident with the system of my body after learning how my body really was supposed to work and how to take care of it. I’m only sad that it took so long to learn the basic things that I should have been taught by woman around me and learned when I was a young girl. Thankfully, I am now more than happy to pay it forward to as many women as I can.

Soon I will be going to a specialist to get my body back on track hormonally. Once again I plead with females, let us unite and stop putting our bodies through unnecessary struggles and devastating fertility issues due to the unnatural hormones that are hurting us under the guise of sexual freedom and control. Men are fertile everyday of the year. Yet we women are the ones who end up forced into upsetting the naturally wonderful balance of a woman’s body, and poisoning ourselves when we are actually only fertile one week per cycle. Furthermore, it is so much easier to monitor your body throughout the normal daily activities we do anyway than remembering to take birth control.

More reports to come on my hormone challenges as I go through cleaning up the mess.

One Weary though Thankful Women