Eyes are the window

{Update April 2015- I would like to take this time to give an update on the Restylane injection I had for my undereye hollows.  Although I loved the result, I am sad to say that as warned by the PA depending on your body the hyluronic acid can be absorbed into your body faster than the expected duration of the results.  This is due to your own body and mine just happen to be one of those.  I am now 4months post procedure and the results are virtually unnoticeable. I even notice that they feel different then they did post injection.  So unless your body is one that does not absorb these types of products quickly and or you have a great deal of money I am not going to recommend it.  I will not be going back for more and will just have to find another means of dealing with my hollows.  }

Recently I went on a vacation with my husband and children and before embarking I had a an appointment with my plastic surgeon Dr. Leonard Hochstein, for my one year check up. I decided after considering for some time that while there I would try Restylane for the hollow under my eyes. The two reasons I did this were that one, I have always struggled emotionally with the genetic trait I possess of dark circles and thin skin around my eyes; the second reason being very deep hollows under my eyes that appear to be indentations from pressing a cup to my eye and the sunken areas below my eyes. So After researching and using every result touting cream I could find with no response to these specific problems, I finally saved up the cash and decided to get it done.
Now to remark concerning the artificial nature of this treatment, after researching extensively on the results and the filler that is used and the trusted advice of my doctor’s office staff, I was confident that this product and procedure was a good fit.
I am absolutely pleased with the results, and the PA Jenya Titova, that preformed the injections was everything her reputation boasted.
If you have this problem and willing to spend the money in one large lump sum for a result, So far I recommend this treatment. I’m really hoping it actually lasts as long as they say it can, because I’m very pleased with the initial results.
In addition, I am using an eye cream that will assist in the skin repair and youth retention that I’ve used before.
Origins Plantscription eye cream is the product, and I do find that this product does made a difference with creating a youthful look for the skin around your eyes better than any others I have tried.



I hope this is encouraging to you who suffer from the same problem I did for all my life.

Sometimes that outward beauty does really change your confidence levels and how you dream you really look like in the mirror.

I hope my eyes are the window to my soul and that the outer beauty really does reflect my inner heart.