The Face of my Beautiful Temple update

Update (1/30)

{Changed a few products

Day moisturizer to Lancôme Bienfait Multivital SPF 30.  Night time alternating of:  Origins High Potency Nite-a-mins, Origins Plantscription Powerful lifting cream & Lancôme Bienfait Multivital Night Cream.  }

My skin regimen has evolved over time, and to what I am finding is the current best for care as well as loving my skin a little.  Every fabulous female knows that a little pampering always makes you feel prettier.  So why not do it as much as possible?

As of the Beautiful Temple II page there have been a few changes to my regimen as time as tested and my skin has told me what is working.

  • Splashing my face with COLD water to both tighten pores and wake up tired skin
  • Origins Dr Weil Mega Mushroom cleanser occasionally
  • Burts Bees Intense Hydration Cleanser
  • Origins Dr. Weil Mega Mushroom serum mornings when ever dry or looks red
  • Estēe Lauder Idealist skin tone corrector and illuminator serum occasionally
  • Estēe Lauder Advanced Night repair serum
  • Estēe Lauder Advanced Night repair eye serum
  • Origins Planscription eye cream
  • Estēe Lauder Day ware antioxidant moisturizer with SPF
  • Origins Plantscription ultra lifting cream
  • Origins Night-a-mins Night cream
  • Origins Modern Friction microdermabrasion for smoothing & exfoliation occasionally
  • Origins clear improvements active charcoal mask occasionally for clogged pores
  • Drinking Perrier mineral water at room temp once or more per day usually in the AM

So Recently I moved, and with the new environment taking a toll on my skin and allergies, I ended up with severe allergy symptoms that turned into a sinus infection.  Thankfully I went to the doc and he gave me an allergy shot and an antibiotic to get rid of the infection.  I normally avoid antibiotics, as a first choice remedy, but this situation called for it after exhausting all other options.  Again I’m glad I did, because the antibiotic did get rid of my sinus infection.

I’m suspicious that the antibiotic also had a positive effect on the deep infected pore that were the sub-dermis cause of the continual acne.  So I’m seeing a great deal of clearing up now, after I’ve deducted that this was the only thing that changed over the last month in my day-to-day.  So after continual monitoring of my skin and keeping up with the cleansing regimen and diet I will report on how my skin is doing.