A long time from Flavor

My sabbatical from writing came at the price of moving across the nation.
I’ve moved my whole life, family, and aspirations to another state recently due to a PCS. How God blessed us to find a wonderful real estate agent and then having buyers sign a sales agreement of our home for full asking price within 9 days of listing.
So here we are, finally moved and unpacked mostly… And I’m finally able to sit down and start writing again.

So whats new?  I’ve joined a new gym in my new town and I’ve been working with a personal trainer to get into WWE Diva shape.  I have a new regimen for the balance in my diet due to the extra weight lifting and I will explain this later.  I work with the trainer twice a week and then three other days on my own with routine homework.  So far I am enjoying every minute, even the painful ones and seeing results.  Getting to know the city that I now live in and finding new places to get my whole foods.  Due to the great deal of land and farms surrounding my new city, I am pleased to find farmers I can buy grass-fed beef from at the local farmers market.  There is a large selection of Elk Buffalo and natural free range chicken at the local health food store as well.  I picked up a whole case of organic Peaches to freeze, make pie filling and peach crisp so we will have yummy peaches throughout the cold winter months to come.  We live now in a region that is very dry, and has hot summers and very cold and windy winters.  So the new climate affects my body, my skin, and my hair.  So I have a whole new environment to explore and talk about to use nutrition and fitness to be healthy and beautiful.  I’m so excited to showcase more ideas, for healthy living for you here in my new home and I’m so glad to use the coming seasonal bounty to nourish and beautify my community as well.

Be back soon for our next tasting.