Issue 5: Heirloom Artichokes

IMG_6049Picked up some fresh artichokes recently in the produce department as I am trying to increase liver helping practices.  Over the years of making poor choices in how I treated my body inside and out, I’m sure I’ve done some damage.  Which is why when I decided to remove any alcohol except Wine or Beer from my diet I also did some research in how to reverse the effects that my past most certainly has caused to my body.  So finding that artichokes are a great source of food born defense nutrients to assist in this process was a plus.  Most places that I have ever gone out to eat that served artichokes, only served the marinated hearts or used the hearts in a cheese sauce or pizza.  These are delicious ways to enjoy them, however I also love to just boil a whole one, melt some butter and go to town scraping the meat off of the leaves with my teeth.  It is an odd experience for some, including my husband, but I just love it.  Its like comfort food in the form of a large vegetable that takes a long time to eat, which just prolongs the indulgence.    The great part was, they are extremely cheap right now because they are in season here, and so I get double the satisfaction.

So do you like artichokes?  I think I’ve personally always  been intimidated by them unless they are prepared by a restaurant for me.  Have you ever tried a fresh one?  They are a Mediterranean staple and therefore I’m drawn to them due to my new-found interest and exploration of Mediterranean cuisine.  They are a veggie, but do you feel like your eating a boring tasteless food when enjoying them?  Its time to clean up my body after many years of not so healthy choices, and a recent preoccupation with my health and beauty.  I want to live long and healthy, while offering my body as a living sacrifice to God.  I want to live an active life for my children, and a fun and pleasurable life with my husband.  I hope to find more ways to use the artichoke and share these kosher treats with you as well as the many benefits beyond taste.

Starlight signing out

What is your input?

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