Going Gluten free for thyroid’s sake

First we have GF caramel cinnamon buns, made with grassfed butter, cultured dairy for kindness to my gut.

#nongmo #momsplaceglutenfree 

Summer grill lunch


GF homemade hamburger bun

GF Grass fed beef burger

GF Stubbs BBQ sauce, Olive oil mayo, Mustard

Traditional German fermented sauerkraut (Extra treat for my gut&thyroid)

Avacado & lettuce

GF Tim’s cascade style kettle cooked  potato chips (anti-inflammatory treat for my thyroid)

Finding an over the shoulder Boulder holder when they are fake.

I must admit this has been quite a challenge for me for the last two years. Finding a bra that fits my breasts because of the ratio of cup size to band size and shape of the underwire or cup. If you have ever had a BA and opted for large silicone ones you may have had the same issue. I would love to know if there are many out there with my problem. I find that the cup is never the right size because the shape of silicone implants are not like breasts they are round. More like a slightly settled ball of dough that is sitting on my chest. I love them, I wanted them to look fake and round, but it’s extremely difficult to find a bra. I fluctuate between a 34-36 band. And my cup is generally a DDD or E in uk size. So my problem come when finding an unformed cup first of all; that does not cut horizontally through the middle of my breast on top causing a double boob. It seems almost impossible to find a cup that is not also shaped. Again due to the shape of the implant it is not shaped like a more natural breast which tend to be more like a bullet or even a rounded cone and more moldable. So far I’ve found that mostly brallettes and tube bras. But if I want a bra with underwire or lift it seems almost impossible. Thankfully because I had a lift as well I do not need much lift, just for special occasions. Does anyone have this struggle? I’d love to hear thoughts and comments. Thus far the only bras I’ve found for girls with large breast and smaller chest is a uk co. Bravissimo. So far very few in the US, I did fine two by Chantelle that are very lacey with a mesh lining that work, but could be better. So for now I’ll have to try to make due. I will follow up with more news as my search goes on. 

Please tell me if you’ve experienced this and if it is also a struggle for you. 

Ciao beauties 

Where is Dr House when I need him. 

Ive documented some of the health struggles I’ve experienced over the past and most recently over the year and a half of living here. Last I found that I was having under-active thyroid and hormone imbalance specifically low testosterone. This last follow up my doc checked my thyroid levels and also my hormone levels.  Though I was actually put on a very low dose of thyroid medication, my thyroid levels went down even more.  This is quite unsettling, as its only been about two month that I was on the low dose. So I can only imagine what it would have been like if I had not been on any hormones. Here’s a list of my symptoms:

Hormone imbalance (low testosterone)


Non existent libido

Unexplained weight gain

Skin problems

Vasculitous (on my shins)


Emotional instability

So he’s increased the hormones to triple the dose and also is thinking of doing an ultra sound on my thyroid to see if that can tell us anymore. Unfortunately the waiting is the hardest because everyday I cannot function normally is one more reason I become depressed and plagued with a feeling of failure. I am just praying that he is able to find an answer to some root cause that I can at least learn about and we can attempt to fix. Update in about a month. 

310 tea

  Tried it, loving it. First time I’ve ever wanted to drink tea without honey, agave, or stevia.

It claims to be a slimming detox, by supporting weight loss, promoting digestion, and appetite control. I love that they are pyramid mesh bags and no metal. Plus you can see the loose leaves. It smells amazing. 

We’ll see if it helps me in my quest for healthy improvment and weight loss.

Healing my cold

I am currently sick and tired… Sick because I have caught a cold and tired because I am in the midst of hell week for a play that I am preforming in my local dinner theater.

So I’m desperately trying to rest at home now in between getting up for the kids or puppy, or to make myself a little healing broth.  This is why I’ve been a little absent from writing.

Recipe here:

4-6 cups water

three lemons squeezed and one lemon rind

6-10 garlic cloves crushed or cut in half

1/4 cup ginger paste

Raw honey to taste

Cayenne pepper

boil and then reduce heat to low wait until both looks caramel colored and then strain through cheese cloth into mug.  Add 1 tbsp raw honey and two shakes of cayenne pepper. Drink all day…

This drink is courtesy of a recipe I found online, and I’ve altered it a little, but the main ingredients are the same.  I find it does help me feel more energized and I’m really hoping the garlic will act as my natural antibiotic to kill this virus.